Our story

Wow. So where to begin? And who best to tell this story besides myself, Pancho, the humble/not so humble Mascot of Hacienda del Secreto.

Well, we guess the best place to start our story is in 1993, when Doy Cooper (part owner and manager of Hacienda del Secreto) gave birth to fraternal twins, Sara and Saylor. Being born months earlier than normal, both Sara and Saylor were born with physical complications that were to require years of extensive physical therapy. The problem with this was that to employ at-home caretakers and physical therapists in the United States was indubitably expensive, and considering Doy had no permanent roots back at home in Texas, for she had been sailing the Caribbean for over 6 years up until the moment of the twins birth, Doy was in doubt what her exact next move should be. But, with a mother’s earnest desire to provide the best care for her children, she made a plan to return back to the Caribbean once the twins were able.

And lucky enough, Doy had tons of family support to help her make this happen. So, after basically two years of recovery  time for the twins in Texas, Doy set out for a number of quick trips to look for property in the Mayan Riviera; an area that was said to be absolutely ethereal. Eventually, Doy finally found a piece of property that she knew she could call “home”, Playa Del Secreto; a piece of the Caribbean that is as beautiful as said, with white soft sand, crystal blue water, a jungle background and only a few private homes scattering a mile long stretch of paradise.

Now, the real work was to begin, because by no means was moving to Mexico an easy thing. But, with the support of her parents, Teen and Jack, Doy and her children began their lives in Mexico by renting out the beautiful 2-story home on Playa Secreto. While at first, Casa del Secreto served just as just her family home, Doy was eventually able to buy the home and turn it into a buzzing Bed & Breakfast. Casa del Secreto became a jewl of Playa Secreto, for every design detail of the home was hand-picked and layed out to be the perfect Caribbean hideaway. And well, you just have to see Casa del Secreto for yourself. It is beautiful. After a couple of years, Doy felt she had accomplished her initial plan and more. Not only had she succeeded in providing a good environment for her tiny twins, she simultaneously was able to create a small business. What a wonderful blessing, and this was only the beginning!

And, the short version of the rest of this story is that Casa del Secreto did so well as a business, that Jack, Teen and Doy decided to expand! Luckily, Playa Secreto was almost total baren beauty at that time and the lot next door to Casa del Secreto was nothing but jungle. So what happened next? Well one villa down the beach was purchased, the land next door was bought and on it, the building of an additional four Villas began: Villa Sarita, Villa Umakiha, Palapa Papa Jack and Villa Canteena. Each Villa was specially deisgned to mirror the personalities of different family members. While Villa Umakiha mirrors the landscape of the jungle inside the Mayan Riviera, Villa Canteena has a more festive style, taking the color palate from local Mexican artisans; Villa Sarita has the spirit of the Caribbean, bringing in a total beachy yet colorful feel that is sure to brighten any soul; Casa del Secreto, as the original villa, is a mix of Mayan culture with soft and relaxing spa hues; Palapa Papa Jack, being the honeymoon suite and the event palapa is more about excitement and therefore was crafted with a totally relaxed look; and lastly, Villa Tortuga, which was purchased instead of built, is an almost totally white space- making it the perfect partner for the blue water in both the pool and the sea. Really, Hacienda del Secreto is a total work of art. When asked more recently his feelings on the success of HDS, Jack said, “Well, I’m proud of what we built and am very happy to see that my involvement to create HDS has provided a space for my family to flourish; As a business, HDS has given different members of my family a place to dive their creative minds and hard-working personalities into! Not to mention, HDS is simply the best place to vacation. It is our paradise.” And today, we are very pleased to be able to share our piece of paradise with people from all over the world. Since we are a Texan family, we also like to bring Texan hospitality into the mixture of our business, and therefore want to make it as home to you, as it is to us!

And where do I (Pancho) come into the story you ask? Well, the stories vary- so much that it is almost folk lore. And since I have no memory of my arrival, here goes the story that I have chosen…While the building of Hacienda del Secreto was underway, Doy and Teen found me washed ashore. Considering I was unconcious, they were amazed that I was still in one piece. And as busy as they were with the building of HDS, they simply stood me up at the front of the beach of Playa Secreto and told me just to hold on for a while. So, I did. And this part, I remember. I got to watch the building of a masterpiece come to completion. Once Hacienda del Secreto was complete, they named me the official mascot. So, with my statue self, I stand guard on the beach of Playa Secreto, drink a bit of rum, smoke cigars now and again, and always have fun with guests. I am always looking to make new friends, so hurry to Hacienda del Secreto and be part of our amazing tale! Our doors always welcome you as guests of Hacienda del Secreto; Nuestra Casa es su casa.

Cheers to our history!


With love, Pancho




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