Chef Services at Hacienda del Secreto

At Hacienda del Secreto, we want to totally cater to you, ensuring you and your family a perfect stay! One of the ways we do this is to offer Chef Services to you and your party. On the bottom floor of Palapa Papa Jack lies our International Cuisine Kitchen, where dishes for every stomach is creatively prepared, and all for your delight. Imagine the ease of never having to worry about what to cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner during your vacay- and all without the hassle and chaos of city restraunt. Sounds pretty great, right? We think so.

From full Mexican Breakfasts’  on your front porch terrace, to burgers and fries, to five course steak and lobster dinners- we do it all. Here is our Palapa Menu to prove it!

Interested? Please click here for a list of our options and pricing information. 

*Please note: we periodically update our menu, prices and Meal Plan Services.