Beach Characteristics

Naturally perfect. That is the best way to explain the beach of Playa Secreto at Hacienda del Secreto. But, in more detail, here is a short list for you below.

  • Over a mile of soft, white, powder-like sand.
  • Good Shelling on north end of beach
  • Good Snorkeling in calm water on far south end of beach where there are rocks and coral.
  • Abundant Sea life of turtles*, lobsters, octopus, rays, many varieties of fish, starfish etc.
  • Gradual slope into water, no drop-offs
  • Days with wind provides great boogie boarding or body surfing in the waves.
  • Great Surf Fishing
  • Many underwater fresh water springs from the underground rivers, and therefore it has been said that this is the reason we never see sharks.
  • Beach is completely free of vendors and crowds
  • Only a very few up-scale villas on the entire beach.
  • 15 minutes from airport, 7 minutes from Puerto Morelos, 15 minutes from Playa del Carmen, 30 minutes from Cancun., 1 hour from Tulum, 3 1/2 hours from Chichen Itza.

*From May to October, giant 300 lb. sea turtles arrive at Playa del Secreto each year to lay their eggs. Each night, as many as 10 new nests can be found on the Playa del Secreto beach. You may sit in the sand next to these wonderful creatures and watch as they lay their eggs and then walk with them as they return to the sea. It is an experience of a lifetime!